Christmas and companies with the Della Nonna label

The Grana Padano
November 27, 2018
Wine cellar
January 31, 2020

The beautiful holiday season that many of us have been looking forward to for 11 long months is literally just around the corner. Companies have already closed their budgets, the balance of the current year and it is time to celebrate achievements and toast to new goals.

Whether it is a department or a leader or a collaborator with initiative and the soul of an event planner, there is always someone in charge of coordinating outings, novenas, parties and celebrations in companies, and we have thought of them and all those who sweated it out this year to collectively meet objectives, to offer an unforgettable December.

Della Nonna is not only a friendly, warm, harmonious and full of flavors space, it is also the right place to meet with your colleagues and work friends to remember anecdotes, celebrate achievements, laugh at adversities and why not, have a drink that had been postponed by the busy times.

We understand our diners from the business world, that’s why we offer the charming spaces of our 3 locations in Llano Grande, El Poblado and Laureles, so they can record and live those unforgettable moments.

Don’t worry about anything, just enjoy!

Do you want a select wine or something extra to enjoy this encounter, just tell us and we will take care of it. Our spaces are perfect, our dishes are always prepared with grandma’s love and with selected and extremely fresh ingredients. We want to see you enjoying every bite and making a toast to the future successes of the companies that move this beautiful city.

We want you to feel at home, only that no one will have to wash dishes, and you will be able to enjoy the traditional flavors of Italy accompanied by a good wine and delicious desserts.

All the best, with the DELLA NONNA seal.

In each of our locations we have ideal spaces to organize corporate Christmas celebrations. We are lovers of cozy atmospheres, details and dedication, so, on your behalf, we only need to make a reservation in advance for a minimum of 10 people.

We’ve already described the space, and now you’re wondering, what about the food?

If only we could explain the effort we make not to go on for paragraphs talking about how proud we are of our cuisine and flavors.

You should know that we are preparing a special menu for the month of December and we will communicate it accordingly, but we want to tell you in advance that, without any doubt, we will be proud to serve our star dish; the Grana Padano.

Cuisine and love describe us to the fullest, and that is exactly what we want to offer you and your co-workers. Between glasses of wine, appetizers, entrees, main courses and delicious desserts, we want you to experience the distinctive taste of Italy on your palate. Authentic, traditional and full of passion flavors that you will only find at grandma’s house, and that you will keep in your memory with special affection when you can share them with your leaders and battle companions.

We are waiting for you with open arms and an open menu.

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